Topic: Displaying LVM2 Logical Volumes

As an absolute noob to this forum, is there any history to displaying what LVM2 logical volumes are in the volume group of a physical volume? It looks to me like there is code to get this information in LVM2_PV_Info.cc, but none to display it in Dialog_Partition_Info.cc.

Would we want this? Is someone else working on this? Should I do this (used to be a C programmer, this would be my first excursion into C++).



Re: Displaying LVM2 Logical Volumes

Hi Wrolf,

For the record, Wrolf opened bug report Bug 754649 - Display Logical Volumes in Volume Group of LVM2 Partition with a patch for this.

Sorry, didn't see this post before now.
No one else is working on this.
As a simple way to show Logical Volumes I don't see any harm.