Topic: Problem starting X interface on Dell XPS13 (2015) QHD


I try to start GParted live using a USB boot stick running under YUMI.
Everything work correctly on a Sony Vaio (Full HD screen) but I got X-window issue on a Dell XPS13 (2015) with QDH screen.
This Dell have an Intel HD4000 graphic card and a QHD definition screen.
I tried all tips described in your Appendix B: Tips on Booting GParted Live without success.
I tried types of drivers suggested in the "ie" without success.
I also tried the different modes from the boot menu (i.e. i915.modeset=0 ) without success.
Is there special values to use to support an Intel HD 4000?

Do you got some guidelines to fix this? Any experience with QHD display.
Is there a way to force a smaller resolution (i.e. 1024 x 768) from startup option (I'm beginner at this level...).

Many thanks in advance for your reply.


Re: Problem starting X interface on Dell XPS13 (2015) QHD

The latest GParted Live (currently 0.22.0-1) boots and runs properly on my Asus Intel HD 3000, so it should be possible to use GParted Live on an Intel HD 4000.

In order to request a smaller resolution, you can try using 'forcevideo' as described in the 3rd step of Tips on Booting GParted Live.

Does that help?