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Topic: [closed] Protect me from my own stupidity

Allow me to use a sudo-esque protection scheme in which I can opt to (semi-permanently) flag certain drives and/or partitions. Once flagged prompt me with, "This is your system drive!" or "This is your data drive!" or "This is your Windows partition!" and require me to enter some sort of passphrase/confirmation text if I try to delete a partition (or do something similarly stupid).

Let me state, emphatically, that this was MY BAD, and I take 100% responsibility for my own idiotic mistake. But we all have those moments - maybe caused by insomnia or pain Meds for a toothache or maybe we get distracted by our hot girlfriends... but this seems like a reasonably simple way to protect us from our own stupidity when we have a temporary brain lapse. Most importantly, I think the potential for catastrophic data loss easily justifies the need for such a feature.

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Re: [closed] Protect me from my own stupidity

Thank you DonnyBahama for your interest in improving GParted.

GParted currently supports the ability to place a volume label on a partition.  In this way you can add a name to a partition like "System", "Data", or "Windows" to help you keep track of which partition is which.   GParted lists these volume labels in main window partition display list.  See the GParted Manual section Setting a Partition Label.