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Topic: [closed] Pause / resume functionality

It would be handy to have the possibility to pause and resume a task. As long as a drive wasn't accessed in write-mode in the meantime that is.

Some operations can take a really long time, this would save so much cold-sweat and hassle in case these must be interrupted. Is that much trouble technically?


Re: [closed] Pause / resume functionality

With the latest GParted (currently 0.16.2), the commands are spawned asynchronously.  This means that the command runs concurrently with the GParted application.

What do you hope to gain by pause / resume?

With the current functionality, you can safely cancel a running task.  If no data has been written to the drive, then the cancel operation is quick.  If data has been written to the drive then the cancel operation can potentially take a long time while it rolls back the last action to arrive at a consistent state.


Re: [closed] Pause / resume functionality

A pause/resume function is not quite like cancelling an operation. The idea is not to roll back but to take note of what has been done and what is left to be done. For instance based on a log containing enough information for gparted to carry on at a later stage.

There are at least 2 potential benefits. Quite significant independently from each other.

a) time gain (there is no need to redo what was done)

b) the data is safe, therefore there is no need to use some rescue software like testdisk and hope to recover something from the mess leftover after the interruption.

Could add some quality in an already quite excellent piece of work : )


Re: [closed] Pause / resume functionality

Thank you for clarifying your request.  This might be possible for some internal operations, but would be difficult for many others as GParted uses many external file system tools that do not provide this feature.