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Topic: [closed] Add notification mechanism


Gparted can often take a long time to complete its operations. Can you provide a way to launch a script at the conclusion of all queued tasks, perhaps with a way to pass a success/fail flag?

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GParted uses the libparted library from the parted project to manipulate partitions.  If you wish to script partition changes you might wish to investigate using command line parted.


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I'm not opposed to a more GUI-friendly solution of notifications. What are the other options for Gparted? Firefox allows for Growl notifications on Mac's: http://preview.tinyurl.com/7osedvh


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Currently the only command line options for GParted are to pass a list of devices.  GParted has been designed to be used interactively.  For scripted solutions we suggest you investigate parted.


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Thanks for your reply.