Topic: Better control over filesystem attributes when creating fs

It would be great if one could set some attributes of the fs when creating/resizing it. Currently, setting a label is supported, but that's pretty much it.

Example: Manually setting the inodes count and block size.

Why would one need this?
Imagine you have a partition with an ext4 fs with lots of small files on it, like the gentoo portage tree. To save space, you could set the inode count to 300000 and the block size to 1024. That way, it fits in 512MiB, otherwise you would need 1GiB and 800MiB are already used.
Or the boot partition: Use ext2, set inode count to 10000 and get more free space.

Currently, one has to manually recreate the filesystem using command-line tools.

When resizing such options would probably be nice, too, but whether this is supported by the underlying file system tools, I don't know. On the other hand, there is not much space gained tweaking those values on bigger partitions, and the block size is never changed by resize2fs IIRC. Smaller partitions can be quickly backed up and created anew. Yet, if it was possible, it would save you from having to do that tedious work.

Don't know if the attributes are preserved when copying partitions.