Topic: Help need to add ntfsclone support


I'm not sure being able to do this, but I wan't to try...
I think it would be nice being able to backup a ntfs partition from gparted...

I've already try modifying ntfs.c/ntfs.h, but I can figure out myself how the severals objects and functions are working...
Were can I add a menu item "Make an Image"
Can somebody give me a little bit background about how gparted is structured ?



Re: Help need to add ntfsclone support

Well the easier way is to have a look at files in svn.
Any way, we think removing partimage because there is a great tool called clonezilla that do all kind of backup though the network or localy ! so...

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Re: Help need to add ntfsclone support

I've already dowloaded the source deb, and had a look on it, but I can't figure out were are the menus entry, how are the "add" "resize" functions called from the interface and so on...
Could you give me some hints ?

I think for people with dual boot, or people installing linux from a live cd (ubuntu), it could be nice for them to backup partitions from gnome before...
I had a look on clonezilla, it has gui ?!


Re: Help need to add ntfsclone support

No clonezilla has no GUI.
I am in touch with the team : they plane to make a special livecd including clonezilla and gparted. this could be nice ; not sure it is possible (technical problems).

About GParted code i am not able to give you anything since i don't understand one word of C++ :-/
But i can give you Plors address so you can contact him. He is *the* GParted dev ( i am only livecd maintainer). : gparted@users.sourceforge.net
Tell him about your post in the forum and our contact.
We need  guys like you if you have some time ... There is many things to improve, and Plors have no time left ATM.
The next work is to see how to make Vista resize working well ! sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, and ATM we don't know why.
I should have a vista in a couple of days so i can make tests, but i can only report what i find ; not able to fix anything...

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Former GParted-LiveCD maintainer (2007)