Topic: Promise RAID not Seen

Using latest livecd, with just raid in place it is not being seen. I am being given no options to load options on boot.

How can I get my onboard Promise array seen?



Re: Promise RAID not Seen

Dunno if it is set in kernel : maybe there is no driver in kernel for it works.
Could you please tell me about the RAID : model, and linux driver, if you can ...

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Re: Promise RAID not Seen


It turns out that *neither* of my RAID's are being seen. I have an Asus P4C800E deluxe. Two onboard RAID 0 arrays, Intel SATA ICH5 and a Promise fast Track 378 (20378).

When I boot the CD it times out looking for hda's and eventually reports 'drive not ready for command'.

The ICH5 I would think it should see, this is such a common RAID.

Any suggestions? The CD works fine on a non-RAID environment.