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is ist possible to add VMFS-Support to Gparted?
as far as i know VMFS is a Open Standard, so specifications should be available.

so far...



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i will try in some beta release. Keep in touch somewhere, please
Beta are uploaded at http://gparted.free.fr/beta

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Will be great, we have arround 40 ESX-Server in our company and its a horrible work to manage the vmfs partitions with the onboard tools. I think i


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Any update to the VMFS-support?

Would be great, thanks in advance smile


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LVM should be available at some point in the ESX 3.5 release, however, i think it will only allow for extend, no shrink!   VMware has to deal with alot of ID10T's and they seem to limit some of their feature set accordingly. 

I'd concur, VMFS support would be nice.


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Keep in mind, any implementation of VMFS support must also be aware of my prevouis feature request post:

Incorrectly adjusting the disk offset back to default on VMFS would cause additional crossings on the array, and lower performance.