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Hi, everyone!

Congratulations! Great work with Gparted. I've used it, and I think is GRRREAT!!

I've taken the 'hobby' of translating all the documentation to spanish. I'm going to send to LarryT these archives from time to time... I hope you'll use them! (at the web page, and at the software, if possible)

I'm cooperating with the VLC spanish l10n too (www.videolan.org), but that 'hobby' is much more big, in working terms... I mean!

My Best Wishes,
Antonio Javier 'TonXabar' Varela.


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gparted-es.htm, and resizing-es.htm are done and sent to LarryT!



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thx, i will put it in the doc asap.

GParted-project Admin
Former GParted-LiveCD maintainer (2007)


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move-es.htm is done and sent...

BTW, I've checked a few mispelled things at move.htm, and I've added on both archives this phrase:

"...Windows can't bear Windows ! So, just TURN OFF THE PC, unplug both hard drives..."

I think it's very important for people who don't have knowledge about hardware.

...So, I've sent move.htm too!!

Have fun!


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livecd-es, gfs-es, screenshot-es, boot_hd-es, save_details-es files are sent.

Finally... the job is finished...

Don't hesitate to contact with me, if you need something...



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I can translate from english to spanish too... Just ask.


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To learn more about translating GParted into another language, see the "Language Translation" section of the GParted - How to Help page.


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Thank you so much for the post. It's really informative!


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boot_hd-es, save_details-es these files have been sent by my side as well.....Um free now  any one want someone relative information contact me

rather i can translate each and every single word of spanish by myself. if you want to know that how i get know than i will be available for you al the time thnx

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Re: Spanish Translation

Hi richardjohn555,

Thank you for your offer of help.  There are two main areas of documentation:

1)  The GParted Manual, also known as the User Guide

The GParted Manual / User Guide translations are managed by the GNOME translation team.  Post #8 above contains links to more information.

2)  The HOWTO Guides (written by Larry)

The howto guides (written by Larry) on the documentation page have not been updated since 2007.  As such these likely do not require translation updates.

Ideally I would like to create some new documentation for GParted Live.  This would include information from the old HOWTO guides written by Larry.  I would prefer to use the same source format (docbook) as the GParted Manual.  That way the documentation could possibly be updated by the GNOME Translation team too.

Was there a specific area or section of GParted for which you wished to update the Spanish translation?