Topic: Check mounted state between operation steps

I had a bit of a scare today during an Ext4 grow on a USB drive. I hadn't disabled the hotplug auto-mounting behavior in my system preferences, so between the grow operation and the fsck that followed, the USB drive and its partition were mounted again. As a result, GParted hung and eventually gave an error.

Since GParted can detect whether a partition is mounted or not, an option to perform this detection (and if necessary to unmount the drive) between steps of any given operation would be helpful. It would add a few seconds between steps when enabled, but it would ensure that drives stay unmounted when they should, in spite of annoying daemons that feel otherwise and scare the hell out of their users. smile


Re: Check mounted state between operation steps

What version of GParted did you use?

Which hotplug system are you using?

GParted uses hal-lock, devkit-disks, and/or udisks to prevent auto-mounting of file systems.
See shell file gparted if you are curious how these commands are invoked.

Perhaps you are using a hotplug system that requires a different command to prevent automounting?