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Topic: [closed] Non-graphical mode

Gparted is a very useful program.
When I need to make operation with a partition or display information about a disk or even identify a name of a partition I prefer to use gparted.

There are many another useful command and programs in Linux. They can be helpful in one case but lack something in another.

For example: fdisk -l gives Linux names of all partitions but to show size in human readable format and free space you need to use df -h. To see a label and UUID of a partition you need to use blkid. To see where is partition mounted mount and etc. etc...

gparted gives clear picture of all your drives at one moment.
Unluckily this useful program works only in graphical mode. So when you have problems with you Linux installation and can`t run desktop environment you can`t run gparted to fix something.

I think it would be good if gparted had non-graphical interface like cfdisk.


Re: [closed] Non-graphical mode

GParted is a graphical partition tool.  Currently there are no plans to make it into a command line partition tool.

You can learn more about the scope of GParted in the GParted Mission Statement.