Topic: windows vista/7 full compatibility

when will windows 7 full compatibility come through?  the last time I checked, gparted livecd required the OS media in order to repair the OS after a move op or resize or something like that.  in 6 months I am about to switch over to windows 7 or 8 whichever becomes available then.

*please* fix gparted.


Re: windows vista/7 full compatibility

Unfortunately I am not aware of any free software (open source) tools that will repair windows boot.  I think only Microsoft knows how to do this.

If you do not move the start position of the boot partition, then this will not be a problem with Windows 7.  The need to perform a boot repair arises only when the starting sector is moved.  So as long as you do not change the "Free space preceding" value in GParted for this partition then this partition will not be moved.

On the plus side if one does accidentally move the start of the partition involved in booting the computer, then you can repair it using Microsoft's boot repair option.


Re: windows vista/7 full compatibility

I am just asking that this compatibility problem be fixed.  gparted works fine with windows xp systems, but not with vista/7 and probably not 8 either.


Re: windows vista/7 full compatibility

Thank you jmichae3 for you interest in improving GParted.

If someone learns how to implement this fix, then please let me know so that we can consider it for a future GParted release.


Re: windows vista/7 full compatibility

gparted is the sloturion for windows problems now