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Topic: [SOLVED] Start of user script(s) while booting


I think it would be nice if I can execute a user script while the Live Media
is booting. I think about a script which is searched automatically e.g. named
"startup.sh" in the root of the boot media "/live/image" and executed after
the initialization and _before_ X-Server starts.
For me it would be very helpful and give me the chance to copy/modify
certain files to the system, fluxbox, linux, parted related, etc.



Re: [SOLVED] Start of user script(s) while booting

Actually you can use "gp_prerun=$PROGRAM_TO_BE_RUN" in the boot parameter so that $PROGRAM_TO_BE_RUN will be run before X is configured.
Of course, $PROGRAM_TO_BE_RUN should exist on the GParted live, which you might need to customized to insert that.