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I can translate documentation to italian.


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ok hang on. We're working to push docs in gnome CVS which will give us access to the gnome translation facilities. I think we can work something out from there on.


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I too :-)

If you need help about traslating this great piece of software into italian language please drop me a line

Bye, R.



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Hi everybody - just registered ... smile
Did the Italian translation of GParted find its way ? I seem not to find it, so if there's still interest in having an Italian localisation for the docs, I'd be more than happy to help.
Just let me know.

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Thanks Jonky for your translation offer.

The GParted application and help manual translations are handled by the Gnome Translation Project.  If you would like to help with translation of these then the Gnome Translation Team is the place to offer your services.

You can view the status of the language translations for GParted at the following link:
GParted Translation Status