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Topic: [closed] Provide Packages (deb, rpm, etc)

Can you post compiled deb, rpm, and other packages ready for download. I know that gparted is available in the repositories of most distros. However 99 percent of the time the version in the repositores is at least two releases older than the current version.

It would be really helpful if people can download the package for the latest release.

By the way, are there any dependencies for gparted?


Re: [closed] Provide Packages (deb, rpm, etc)

Would you be interested in building and maintaining these packages?

The dependencies for GParted are listed in the README file in the source code.  You could also check some existing packages to see what dependencies have been set for specific GNU/Linux distributions.


Re: [closed] Provide Packages (deb, rpm, etc)

I have very little programming experience. Furthermore, I have never built a package.


Re: [closed] Provide Packages (deb, rpm, etc)

There is always a first time for everything.  smile


Re: [closed] Provide Packages (deb, rpm, etc)

Do you know of some EASY TO UNDERSTAND tutorial/instructions on how to build a .deb package.  I am not asking for .rpm instructions because as far as I know they are more complicated to to build.

If there is a video tutorial -- even better.


Re: [closed] Provide Packages (deb, rpm, etc)

I have not built any packages myself.

You could try searching the internet for "how to build .deb" or something like that.  At least that is where I would start if I was going to learn how to build .deb packages.  smile