Topic: NTFS partition/XP

I think this is an error on my part, as a result of not RTFM.

I resized a NTFS partition from 110 G to 60 G, and created a new partition in the vacant space. I did this in one session, and thus chkdsk did not run after the partition resize.

I can boot into XP, but it reports the original partition size of 110 G. I've run chkdsk numerous times, runs clear although some files (notable, my .OST) are curropt.

Rebooting into gparted shows the 60 G with the 40 G vacant space, but will not allow me to edit the 60 G partition due to errors.

Any clue where I go from here?


Re: NTFS partition/XP

Could you please tell which version of the livecd you used ?

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