Topic: Another drive letter pops up after repartitioning XP


I am new to the forum and have used Gparted only a couple times with great success.
Now I have a problem with a new HP laptop.  When I resize C: to create C: and D: in its place I do get another drive letter Z: that still points to the whole hard drive (reports the full partition size) but is inaccessible.  I can do a
mountvol Z: /D
to get rid of it but it comes back after reboot and is annoying because Z: is usually used for a network drive and can't be mounted as long as the drive letter is not available.

Strangly enough, I also tried Partition Magic 8 but it also comes up with the additional Z: drive letter.

Any suggestions or did someone of you ever run into something similar.

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Florian Rueb


Re: Another drive letter pops up after repartitioning XP


I guess it should do the trick.

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