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This problem is similar to the problem described in the FAQ where resizing your Vista boot partition renders your OS unbootable.  In this case the Vista install media can be used to repair the problem.

I found that resizing a a Windows 2008 Server boot partition produces the same result.  Booting off of the install media does not give you a menu that allows you to fix the problem however.  What you get is a menu to bring up a command prompt or run memory diagnostics. 

To fix the problem you need to select the command prompt option.  From there change into the X:\sources\recovery\ directory.  There you will find a program called StartRep.exe.  Run this program and your boot partition will be fixed and life will be good again.  big_smile


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Thank you very much.
I think it could be added to the FAQ and the GParted Help manual.

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***


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Shimonek wrote:

I found that resizing a a Windows 2008 Server boot partition produces the same result.

... which is no big surprise, since Vista and Server 2008 share a large part of their code base. However, your explanation how to fix the problem is a very valuable piece of information!


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Right.  I actually found a post from a guy who reported fixing the problem on his 2008 Server installation using the Vista installation media but I didn't have a copy handy.


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Good suggestion class413 on adding this to the FAQ and GParted Manual.

It would be very useful to have recovery steps in the FAQ and GParted Manual for all of the Windows operating systems.

Did anyone want to take a first attempt at writing the steps?

I know cmdr wrote a very detailed description of how to resize windows partitions.  My thoughts are that the manual should have something shorter and reasonably foolproof to follow.  I think the Fixing Grub Boot Partition steps are a good example of the level of detail and format.

If you want to start with the original xml source file, refer to the GIT repository file gparted.xml