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Hello all,

I want to dual boot my pc for Windows & Ubuntu so I'm following a guide. The guide pointed to use the GParted to make my current 186GB (200GB) NTFS partition smaller to 120GB. I done all the usual defragmentation, chkdsk, etc but found I had a bad sector on my hard drive. Fantastic, I'll need a new one and it'll take me a week to reinstall all my Windows stuff.

While I wait for Seagate's support to open on Monday morning I thought I should just continue and use the --bad-sector command to make the partition smaller. If it corrupts or goes wrong, oh well, I'm claiming on the 5 year warranty for a new one anyway.

ntfsresize --no-action --bad-sector -s 120G /dev/sda1
ntfsresize --bad-sector -s 120G /dev/sda1

I ran the test command on /dev/sda1 (GParted tells me that's what the partition is called) and everything went ok. I ran the real command and that went ok too. However, GParted is still showing the partition as 186GB, but if I go to properties on the hard drive it says 120GB. I've ran chkdsk as instructed but what else can I do to make the partition the correct size so I can use the new room to create a linux, linux swap and fat32 partition?



Re: Resizing NTFS hard drive

Well, could you please open a bug in bugzilla and report the problem you tell ?
It would be very kind of you !
Take a screenshot from the GParted mayout, and copy (or take another screenshot (after you backed up the first one, caue it will be overwritten)), of the output of "fdisk -ul" !

thx a bunch for all you can/will do !

BTW : link for reporting bug is there : http://bugzilla.gnome.org/buglist.cgi?q … alue0-0-0=
At the end of the page you will find the link to add new bug.
thx again ! smile

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Re: Resizing NTFS hard drive

Sure, I can do that. I'm currently using Linux Live Rescue CD so I'll have a look round for the screenshot feature. Which options would you like me to select the bug be under?

Once I've posted the bug, is there anything I can do so I can carry on with the tutorial to dual boot my pc?


Re: Resizing NTFS hard drive

ok i can tell you about dual boot, or more than dual, but what do you need exactly ?

and maybe yopu could contact my on irc for this...

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Re: Resizing NTFS hard drive


Basically, I am following this:

http://www.matthewjmiller.net/howtos/du … d-windows/

I'm up to # Partition Your Hard Drive Step 6.

I tried to make my current (186GB) windows partition smaller to make room for Linux, Linux Swap & FAT32. However, as you can see from the information in my first post, GParted shows 186GB instead of the now, smaller, 120GB. The UI shows 186GB, the properties (right click on the partition, click properties) shows 120GB.

Have I done the correct commands? (See Post above) and how can I make the UI show the correct partition size so I can create the new partitions for Linux, Linux swap and FAT32?