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Hello all,

First of all, sorry for my english in the following, I'll try to write correctly wink

I register on this forum because I have a problem using GParted. I want to partition my HD and before try to use GParted I've done scandisk on my HD (and during this, some clusters have been replaced by windows) and a "defragmentation".

But when GParted is launched, my HD is seen with the following message : "WARNING : the disk has bad sectors. [...] We suggest making a full backup urgently by running 'nrfsclone -rescue ...' then run 'chkdsk /f /r' on Windows and reboot it TWICE! Then you can resize NTFS safely by additionally using the -bad-sectors option of ntfsresize."

I've done the backup before. So I run the chkdsk again, reboot twice, but there is still this warning. It's impossible to resize. Maybe the tool can ben run with "bad-sectors option" ? But I don't see where it is ?

I thank you in advance if you can help me wink



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the jury is not out on this one tongue
see http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=335595 for more information.

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txs for reply wink

Sorry I don't get your expresson "the jury is not out on this one" (my french-english isn't very good !)

I red the page linked, what I understang is that Mantas Kriau?i?nas succeeded in resize his HD with the command "ntfsresize --bad-sectors -v /dev/hda1"

But when i try that it says to me: "Nothing to do: NTFS Volume size is already OK"

I'm lost big_smile


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gparted doesn't resize filesystems on devices with bad clusters yet. We're not still sure if and how we're going to approach this.
If you want to resize the filesystem anyway you have to do it from a terminal. do ntfsresize --help to find out which parameters to pass to ntfsresize.

Anyway, usually when a device has bad clusters it's best to replace it. It's not reliable anymore.


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Si, si Muzza, ton anglais n'est pas mauvais :-p ... but there is no french forum at the moment !

Okay. could you please tell us the device you wanna resize ? It is ntfs, right ?
Did you try to launch a shell and then type the following command :

ntfsresize --bad-sectors -v /dev/your_partition

If you dont, could you try and past here the output of this command (just in case it returns errors)


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Thank u Plors for the explanation. For my personnal understanding, what usually causes bad clusters on a device ?

LarryT, you're French ? If not, your French is good ! smile

I try the command and I get :

ntfsresize v1.12.1 (libntfs 9:0:0)
Device name : /dev/hda1
NTFS volume version : 3.1
Cluster size : 4096 bytes
Current volume size : 39999988224 bytes (40000 MB)
Current device size : 39999988224 bytes (40000 MB)
New volume size : 39999984128 bytes (40000 MB)
Nothing to do : NTFS volume size is already OK.

I've a laptop with one device and my aim was make some partitions in order to install Ubuntu wink


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You could try to run what Plors said :
ntfsresize --help
Then you get about this i guess :
ntfsresize -s  the_size_you_want  /dev/your_device

ntfsresize -s 25G /dev/hda1

i get this here :

[root@ws043 ~]# ntfsresize --help
ntfsresize v1.13.1 (libntfs 9:0:0)

Usage: ntfsresize [OPTIONS] DEVICE
    Resize an NTFS volume non-destructively, safely move any data if needed.

    -i, --info             Estimate the smallest shrunken size possible
    -s, --size SIZE        Resize volume to SIZE[k|M|G] bytes

but this is not the livecd version. So take care of any change

Ps : yep, i'm french

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Re: Pbs of partition : HD sectors

bad clusters mean the device is physically damaged and you need to replace it.


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Okay txs to you, I'll see what I do. Force the resize like described by Larry or... replace