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Hi Everyone,

I have a large number of installed systems where I need to play partition games via an automated script - more specifically move and ext3 partition "to the right" where its new start location falls within the original partition.  Since this feature is handled very nicely in the gparted gui - could there be a possible command line argument to allow a move of this type?  I know many things are easily done with parted in a script but there seems to be some "magic" behind the move functionality of this type in gparted.

If someone could spell out the steps using parted and e2fsprogs to move an ext3 partition to the right where the new start location would end up inside the original partition - then I could try and use those commands to craft my solution.  General steps are great and I can work out the specifics.

The power of gparted could be even greater with a command line version - maybe call it cparted for the die hard command line folks big_smile

Thanks for any feedback. 



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gparted revolves all around it's GUI and there isn't going to be a CLI. The original goal of gparted was to wrap the functionality of libparted in a nice GUI and we intend to stay close to this goal.
We added some functionality to gparted, because that was the fastest way, but eventually everything will land in libparted.

For your problem i suggest using parted, dd and resize2fs... This should be all you need to perform every move you want.


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Thanks for the quick reply! 

I understand about the CLI.  I figured if I didn't ask I would never know.

Thanks again for a great program!