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GParted is a really good piece of software, so I figured that installing it on it's own partition, making it available at all time, was a good idea. I'm not sure on how to pursue this though. I don't have a lot of experience with Linux.

What kind of filesystem would I need to install it on? Is it only a matter of doing the LiveUSB steps and installing GRUB on the partition and then do some stuff to point it to the right things? I already have a boot manager installed (BeOS Boot Loader), which only boots a bootable partition. So I figure I need GRUB installed on the partition itself? Is it possible to eliminate the waiting time in GRUB, so when I select the GParted partition in my master boot manager, it starts at once?

I would appreciate any help on this. I've also tried searching the forums, but didn't find what I needed to know.

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Re: Install GParted on dedicated partition

the best i could do : http://gparted.sourceforge.net/larry/li … oot_hd.htm

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Re: Install GParted on dedicated partition

Thats great! I'll look into that. Thank you very much.