Topic: Reclaiming space from fat32 partition?

Hi all. I'm at the moment running debian/Etch and I also have a small partition (fat32) for Window98 program. I would like to delete the Window98 program altogether and allocate the space to my Linux partition, preferably the ext3 partition.

Is it possible to do so with GParted? And if so, what is the correct way to do so?

FYI: the table for my partition as showed in GParted:

/dev/hda1  fat32 <--- boot
/dev/hda2  ext3  Mounted on /,/dev/.static/dev
/dev/hda3  extended
/dev/hda5  linux-swap

Thanks in advance.


Re: Reclaiming space from fat32 partition?

No it doesnt make any problem to remove your hda1 ; you will keep hda2 as ext3, and hda5 as swap.

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