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I'm new on gparted.

How can i create Stripeset ( Raid0 ) over 10 Harddisks ?

Is it possible ?

Thanks for help


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We don't have RAID support yet. Of course you could create the partitions using gparted, but you need to initialize the RAID with the mdadm tools yourself.

(btw, a stripe over 10 harddisks is extremely fast and extremely fragile, you should consider mirroring each disk, (raid10) then you have all the benefits from raid0 and raid1 combined.)


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Thanks for your info

will raid0 at some time be added?


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yep, it's on the TODO

our biggest problem at the moment is 'time'. If you want to do it please say so and we talk about it. Another possibility is you pay me for a month and i'll implement it.

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Wow, I was interested in Gparted to re partition my raid 0 setup. I emailed one of the main guys, on the contacts, and he didn't answer my question. He simply said "ask it in the forums" he could have just said no. I'm a little ticked, why didn't you just answer my question and then tell me. "Hey you should mention this in the forums." Thanks a lot for making it more difficult than it had to be.


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supebot, i think that was me and we don't answer questions by email on purpose. If we start doing it, it will take a lot of time (you are not the only one asking questions) and noone can benefit from the shared information. In the forums everyone can share information and the load is more balanced.
We explicitly request this on the contactspage (http://gparted.sourceforge.net/contact.php)

Try to keep in mind we all do this in our sparetime... smile