Topic: Gparted is in stand by after minutes....


I'm trying this wonderful tool in Lab environment before working in production.
But when i apply the change, Gparted works fine during 15 minutes after what ??? he sleeps.
when i move the mouse, gparted is working again....
any idea ??




Re: Gparted is in stand by after minutes....


Strange behaviour - I've never seen this behaviour during my work with GParted. However, I noticed that sometimes the progress bar is not updated so frequently, but in these situations the hard drive LED still signalled that the system was working hard!
Maybe you have some obscure power management functions enabled in the BIOS?
Any way, it would be a good idea to tell the GParted version (program version number, and where you got it - is it the "official" LiveCD/LiveUSB, or is it part of any other LInux distribution), so the developers know better where to look for the error source!


Re: Gparted is in stand by after minutes....

I remember something about a screen saver like issue, last year (older versions 0.3.4-x). Then, it was told that X included a default 20 minute screen saver. However since then, there are a lot of changes.

If this is not the livecd but any installed version, this behaviour could come from the operating system configuration.

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