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Topic: Resize ext3 only in one direction

I am a new ubuntu user and have installed it on a 5 GB Partition. Now this partition is to small and I want to make it bigger.

My Current Partitions look like this:

|                      |                    |                   | ____________________________ |
| 3,9 GB FAT 32 backup | 44 GB FAT 32 WinXP | 39 GB FAT 32 Data | | 1 GB swap | 5 GB ext3root| |
|                      |                    |                   | |___________|______________| |

I want know to make the '44 GB FAT 32 Data' smaller and the '5 GB root' bigger.

But I have 'detect' a problem: a ext3 partition can only be resized, but not moved. What this means?

The '5 GB root' can only grow 'from left to the right'. I mean: the partition can only grow to the right direction. But 'right' is the end of the HDD. So I can't make the partition bigger.

And now my question:
can a ext3-partition only grow to the 'right direction' or can it be so created that i can also grow to the left?


Re: Resize ext3 only in one direction

hi sysrq smile
Well the actual and offical features dont allow to move ext3, that's right. But it may change in few days smile !
Yes the cvs version (testing) allow to move ext3, and it seems to be safe :-p
We are working on it those days since about a week.
We hope a new realse for the end of the week, or something like that.
So, just be patient wink

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Re: Resize ext3 only in one direction

Cool, this sounds great. It'a also great that a GPL tool like gParted exists.