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Hi all,

first can I say thank-you for this software it has saved me many a time.  Unfortunatly I have run across a problem with Gparted 0.3.4 whilst trying to resize my 80Gb Sata HDD.  I have Windows XP Professional installed, and I want to resize that partition to 20Gb and have a separate partition setup for storage.

My first step I take is to CHKDSK /x my disk, checking for any errors + dismounting the drive.  After it reboots I insert the Gparted CD, get to the main screen, click on resize/move button, change value to (New Size (MiB): 20481) because I want to resize my windows partition to 20Gb.  And then I click the apply button. It runs through most of the functions, but I get the error, it fails to resize the partition.

I would post the error log but I do not now how to open it or extract it sad

any help will be greatly appreciated!


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http://gparted.sourceforge.net/larry/ti … etails.htm

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hey thanks, I viewed the error log and it seems I wasnt starting windows after running my chkdsk.  It fixed the problem! thanks again