Topic: Uninstall Gparted?

Hi, I have used Gparted to partition my HDD, however, I wish to revert this change. Meant to say, my present HDD has C drive that runs all applications, D drive as Document storage, E drive for graphics storage. How can I go about combining D and E drives?

Appreciate your advice.


Re: Uninstall Gparted?

What do you mean by "combining" ?
Emerging ?
If it is, unfortunately, gparted cant merge partitions ATM.

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Re: Uninstall Gparted?

I actually shifted all the data/files into one single partition, then used Gparted to delete the empty partition... Then, I 'grow' the other partition. Bad news.. All my data was gone.


Re: Uninstall Gparted?

Which way round did you move the data. If you moved the data to your E partition and then deleted D, it would kill E as well.

You cannot remove a partition in front of another partition without killing the one that follows it.