Topic: Use sector/block as unit

Hi peeps,

I think it would be good to have the smallest divisible unit in gparted, that is sector.

What: most drives use 512 byte sectors, or some nearby unit in reality. This is similar to the feature fdisk -u or parted, u s.

Why: It is important to be down to the sector level if you are into RAID or partimage save-restore. These tasks require exact sizes of partitions, not plus minus a megabyte.

I can not find any tool that will shrink a partition by the sector, parted gives plenty of error messages, and fdisk tries to be smart with cylinders. gparted could be it!

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Re: Use sector/block as unit

Thx Harald, i will commit to the Boss wink
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Re: Use sector/block as unit

this has been on the todo for a long time smile
Unfortunately i'm a bit pressed for time nowadays, so i can't promise anything. Maybe you can deliver some patches?