Topic: Two drives, only want to partition one

My computer has two hard drives, a 20GB main drive (C) and an 80GB Seagate hard drive (F) used for storage.  The Seagate was installed two years after I built the computer.  I would like to partition the 80GB drive into two or three partitions and put Linux on one of them.  I want to leave C drive alone.

I downloaded GParted and made a boot CD with the ISO file.  I need easy, simple instructions.  For example, since the drive has never been partitioned, it is one big partition, correct?  So, do I make it smaller to create two partitions?  Can I specify that I want three partitions, or four?  The F drive does not boot up since it does not have an operating system but I assume that if I put Linux on a partition that I must tell it to boot so that when the computer starts I get a dual-boot screen where I choose what I want to boot, correct?

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Re: Two drives, only want to partition one

The best is to read, i guess smile

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