Topic: XP won't boot

I did a resize of my NTFS partition, and now XP will not boot.  All of the data is there, but it just won't boot.  I just get the flashing cursor like others mentioned here.   I tried a reinstall of XP, but it still would not boot.   I pulled the desktop battery as you suggested on another forum.   I'm really stuck.. help!


Re: XP won't boot

I think I've got it fixed using the instructions on

When you run Testdisk to fix the boot sector it shows that GParted basically created an invalid Hard disk geometry.. something about 240 instead of 255.  The boot sector has to be updated to reflect that.   Took me a couple of days to get this far, and it forced a reinstall of windows etc... hope you guys can fix the bug.   Sorry that's all the info I have.


Re: XP won't boot

Well, in fact the problem comes from bootsector, and it is fixed in the last version.

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