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Topic: Where to put the partitions for Ubuntu among the partitions for Win.?

I've just got a brand new PC with a 250 gb hardisk.  Yesterday I installed Win.XP and made two part.'s with the Win's CD.   

Now I have to use the occation and get my first experience with Linux and Ubuntu.   Yesterday I didn't succeed with the GParted liveCD (no access to essensial kernel... look at my post yesterday).

After downloading the complete Ubuntu installation I succeeded.  Now I'm facing the menu for making the optimal partitions.   In GParted my harddisc (232 gb) looks like this;

/dev/sda1  -  ntfs  -  20 gb   (C in windows)

/dev/sda2  -  extended  -  50 gb
    /dev/sda5   -ntfs  -  40 gb   (D in windows)
    new Partition #1  -fat32 -  10  gb  (this is my proposal)

unallocated   -   -  163 gb

And now I'm looking for a good advice for optimal partitions.  My major question is;

Where shall I put these partitions in the system above?   
/ (ext3)                      10GB
/home (ext3)              50GB
swap                           1GB
Wouldn't it be best to place both the fat32 and Ubuntu just after Windows "D" in the extended partition?  - to get ubuntu as close as possible to the edge?  In such case should I use the unallocated space inside the extended p. , or should I reduce this sice down to D's 60 gb and use the unallocated space AFTER /dev/sda2, doesn't that mean a new primary partition?   As long as I can have up to four primary partitions per disk, or three primary partitions and one  extended partition - as I have, isn't it best to keep the primary free for Vista etc..?

What about "fat32" (shared space) inside the extended p., and finally the last ntfs (E in windows).  The ntfs is for secondary files, downloads...  How do I place this partition at the end of the disc?  By using the unallocated space inside /dev/sda2 (increase this) or the final unallocated space? And then defining "Free Space Following" of 0, isn't it? 

The root (ext3) is Primary and the ntfs and fat32 inside /sda2 is logical, isn't that correct?
I'm sorry for this basic questions.   I'm a noobie.  Please give me some advice so that I can start up and get practical experience with Ubuntu.   The first impression is really positive!

best reg.'s Roan, Norway

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Re: Where to put the partitions for Ubuntu among the partitions for Win.?

I forgot to ask about the difference between my sda and hda, which is all over at Ubuntu's homeage.
Isn't that what kind of hardisc? Nothing to care about when I partitioning?

The partitions of my harddisc, both the size and structure looks much like the 9th menu "Prepare Partitions" on this Ubuntu help page: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/installing

Except that I have only dev/sda5 (Windows "D") inside /dev/sda2.