Topic: [closed] Disk Labeling Feature

Under "Device", why not include a link and/or reference to a guide about the features of various disk labels, and include the options before the user commits themselves to wiping the HD by changing disk labels?

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do you have an interesting, informative link?

Also, i think we warn the user 2 -3 times before actually performing the operation, so anyone who 'accidently' wipes his drive is fully responsible imho smile


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One can change the partition label  by
e2label <device> <label>
or with
tune2fs <label> <device>
from command line.

Fine, but why isn't this possible to do that within gparted? May be I have not found the menu item?

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Re: [closed] Disk Labeling Feature

To change the volume label, select the partition and choose the menu option "Partition --> Label".