Topic: CAN NOT BUILD Gparted : make[2]: *** [Dialog_Progress.o] Erreur 1


BRAVO for this wonderfull tools. Fortunately i can use it with the GPARTED LIVE CD. Because i would like to install it on my linux, i'm trying to compile it from sources. My ./configure is OK with gtkmm 2.4.10 but the make gives me this error ...

alexis@grandhuit:~/linux/systemRescueCD/gparted/gparted-0.3.1$ make
make  all-recursive
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/alexis/linux/systemRescueCD/gparted/gparted-0.3.1'
Making all in compose
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/alexis/linux/systemRescueCD/gparted/gparted-0.3.1/compose'
make[2]: Rien


Re: CAN NOT BUILD Gparted : make[2]: *** [Dialog_Progress.o] Erreur 1

building packages from source requires some effort, in general it's better to use the binaries supplied by your distro, e.g. .RPM packages with FC and RH.
They will take care of the dependancies and other issues.


Re: CAN NOT BUILD Gparted : make[2]: *** [Dialog_Progress.o] Erreur 1

anyway, i "know" the systemREcueCD maintainer, and he told me that his cd must be rebuild to use GParted : libs are missing sad
AFAIK, there is no gtk+ libs on sysrecue ....

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