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Topic: (Solved: Partitions must be unmounted) All options grayed out

Good day!

I installed Ubuntu 6.06 from live CD without a glitch on a system with Windows XP SP2 (P4 2.4 MHz, 1Gb RAM, NVidia 256 RAM, Maxtor 6Y120L0 120 Gb HDD). To partition my disk during ubuntu install I had previously used Patition Magic to set aside enough free space. During install I selected the option for using free space for install.

The only problem I have found yet is that all the options (buttons and menus) in GParted are grayed out, except for "Dismount" and "Information" on context menu. I can get the graphics and data (seem to be OK) of my partitions but no options after selecting any partition.

I can acces my my NTFS partitions and my Linux partition with Nautilus. I can even open and copy fles from the NTFS partitions to my ubuntu desktop

My partitions:
/dev/hda1  ntfs  34.2Gb  boot
/dev/hda2  extended  68.58Gb  lba
  /dev/hda5  ntfs  67.74
  /dev/hda6  linux-swap  855Mb
/dev/hda3  ext3  9.50 Gb

After install I updated all the packets as indicated by my system and I even used Synaptic to add ntfprogs, to no avail.

I wonder if the forum will be able to provide some insight

Thanks in advance


Re: (Solved: Partitions must be unmounted) All options grayed out

Options are grayed when drives are mounted...
Try to umount devices, right-clicking then and chosing "umount"...

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Re: (Solved: Partitions must be unmounted) All options grayed out

Thank you very much, Larry!

GParted is now offering all its options. It was such an obvious step that I failed to see it