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Topic: Missing nftsprocs / ntfs-3g


I wanted to format a ntfs partition but got the following error:

„The content of the file system could not be read! Due to this, some operations might not be available. The cause could be a missing software package. The following list shows the software packages that are required to support the ntfs file system: nftsprocs / ntfs-3g„

But the existing partition should be kept. Is there something I can do?

I would be very happy if someone has an idea. Thanks a lot for any help.



Re: Missing nftsprocs / ntfs-3g

One way to be sure that all the necessary packages are available to GParted is to write GParted Live to bootable media (like a USB flash drive) and boot from the media.

Otherwise packages can be installed on GNU/Linux though the names might vary from one distribution to another.  If you wish to proceed along this path then we'll need to know which distro you are using.