Topic: PXE booting Gparted from Windows

AFAIK, the guides currently available seem to give instructions only if you are pxe booting this from a linux computer and not a windows computer.

Anyway, I am using a program called "Serva" to pxe boot gparted from a windows computer.

The error message I keep getting with gparted is "unable to find a live file system in the network"

I did follow the guide from the serva site and gparted site but I dont know what I am doing wrong. I copied and pasted the gparted folder containing all the gparted files in my serva_root directory, I enabled HTTP on serva as instructed, I setup the serva_asset per the sites instructions, and I made sure the HTTP server was running properly by testing with another computer.

As for the DHCP server, I am using the "proxyDHCP" feature in serva. my router is currently running dd-wrt so I am sure bootp is working based on what I read about dd-wrt. I mean just about every windows OS I have booted and installed on every computer has worked just fine. its linux distributions and utilities like Gparted that have been difficult when it comes to pxe booting.

Anyway, computer im using to run serva is running windows 10. has all the latest updates too.


Re: PXE booting Gparted from Windows

I only have experience to run tftp service on GNU/Linux, and I am sure it runs well and is robust.
For the serva on MS Windows, you might need to consult serva.


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Re: PXE booting Gparted from Windows

Already sent a message to serva support but no response. So I gave up and booted gparted off a USB stick.

I appreciate your response, but I am not feeling okay after spending a few days working on this for hours. Despite following the instructions as best as I could, it still does not want to pxe boot and keeps coming back with that "unable to find a live file system on the network" error message. Like, we got a TFTP server, DHCP server, HTTP server, and now need an NFS server?

May I burden the Gparted Developers to look into pxe booting gparted from a windows OS using serva or tftpd32? Like, Make a guide on how to pxe boot gparted from windows?

thanks in advance.