Topic: RAID Array Exceeds BIOS/OS Ability to Access All

Installing Ubuntu Mint 20.1

Booting, I get a grub trap, forgot the error, but the indication was it was trying to access outside it's range. For a test, I did a Windows installation which limits the ARRAY size to 3,814,399MB. The machine's physical array is 4TB. Obviously, I need to partition to something less than it's physical size, probably the size that Windows gave it. This is believed to be a BIOS limitation on an older Dell T7500 workstation; I have the latest BIOS. I got into this when upgrading the ARRAY from four 512GB drives to four 1TB when it was on Windows.

I moved over to Ubuntu 16.04, and noticed the disk space was not all allocated. But, everything worked. However, installing Ubuntu mint 20.1, I get the grub bios trap. None of the grub repair tools work.

What I am looking for is a typical G-Parted screen shot for a partition for a working system system that limits the size (total) to 3,814,399MB. This would be the steps in the install that chooses "other".

I need typical parameters for: "/", boot, root, var, swap and user (home) up to the 3,814,399MB "brick wall". Is this possible on Mint 20.1? It surely worked on the Ubuntu 16.04 with the old windows partition table.

All the examples I can find are related to an external drive, not the one booting to.