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Topic: [closed] Not allocated space after successfully shrinking Proxmox VM

Hello to the forum,

as a first time user of this forum I present my question as follows:

I used Gparted to shrink a virtual machine in Proxmox.
Everything worked fine, machine is up and running und shrunk from 32 GB to 10+4 GB.
14 GB is shown as drive size in Proxmox correctly.

When I reboot the VM with the Gparted-ISO to have a look at the shrunk partition I see
that the freed space (18 GB) is still shown as not allocated - see picture.


I also see error notes:

- Can´t have a partition outside the disk
- Invalid argument during seek for read on /dev/sda
- Invalid partition table on /dev/sda -- wrong signature 0

"Ignore" leads to the picture shown above.

Please help me to get it right.

Thanks a lot in advance.