Topic: Move APFS partition

I have a disk with a too small EFI (FAT) partition that I want to extend. The other partitions are, in order, an APFS of 357 GB, a Arch 60 GB and another Linux dist on the remaining 60 GB. I resized the last one with 1 GB and was able to shift both Linux partitions up to allow 1 GB of free space directly after the APFS. Rebooted and both Linux'es are still bootable.
Now I tried to shift the APFS 1000 MB to the right to leave space for extending the FAT partition. However, when applying the move operation, I get a message that Gparted could not check the APFS partition and therefore refused to move it. I can see in the documentation that checking is not suppored (fair enough) but moving is. So therefore it would have been useful to override the check and just do the move, of course with appropriate warnings.
Is there a way to achieve what I am trying to do?


Re: Move APFS partition

Please provide the saved details from the failed operation.  Reattempt the operation again if you didn't save the details from before.