Topic: Increasing Virtual Box disk size

i'm trying to increase my virtual box disk size. i have increased the size of the drive but unable to Extend the primary partition to include the new drive space.i have downloaded the GParted Live CD and mounted it to the guests virtual CD and booted the guest. virtual size has changed from 15 to 30Gb. but actual size is still 14 Gb. need help


Re: Increasing Virtual Box disk size

You have to grow the partition and the filesystem in it. You don't mention the filesystem type (fat....? ext...? reiserfs? ntfs? etc).
If the partition has been expanded, you can select the filesystem and run the "check" command, to make it including the entire partition. This is valid for supported filesystems.
Normally, the partition has to be unmounted.

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*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***