Topic: Partition resize help please


i have windows 10 + ubuntu 20.04 dual boot on same drive (500gb wd blue) and ubuntu size was 46gb and it got full so i thought of taking space from windows 10 drive like 15gb, so i googled how to take space from windows to extend ubuntu drive and i came to know GParted..

so i watched this youtube video: youtube.com/watch?v=yOOcg5Cm4DM

what this guy in video does is that he shrink a windows drive and bring that drive close to linux (ubuntu) drive

then he boot into linux live cd and open GParted and resize the linux drive and it get resized

NOW I DID THE SAME... shrink the windows 10 drive and that drive is close to linux drive

now i had a usb (ubuntu live cd) which is this one:

as you can see its top is broken so i plugged it in, now if you touch the usb little it get disconnected
so now i boot up linux live cd and open GParted and do the resize thing

now GParted copied 11gb out of 61gb then accidently my hand touched the usb and it get disconnected and GParted got stuck cuz usb disconnect = linux live cd disconnect

then i restarted my laptop and now i used good usb (new one) and open GParted again and i saw red (!) icon beside my linux drive /dev/sda6. i right click on it and check it

GParted gives me this thing:

now i'm asking if there any fix, i mean like completing the GParted copying??

sorry for long paragraph but i wanted to detail everything

Thanks for great tool GParted, but i'm dumb and used broken usb



Re: Partition resize help please

It sounds like your were growing the start of the Ubuntu partition to the left.
(That involves copying the file system data over the top of itself to the left.  To have a chance at recovering anything I would need to know exactly where the partitions are and how much was copied).

Please upload the saved details from the original resize failure.