Topic: HDD password after disk erase

hello guys, sorry if im not in the right place to post this issue but here he goes:
today i was using Gparted Live on a TOshiba NB250-107 when i decide to do a "disk erase" from the desktop app, however my dumb a$$ didnt realize that the laptop was disconnected so went off battery... all good so far, but then when i restarted the laptop, somehow now i have a window "Please Enter Built-in HDD/SSD User Password" after that,and ive used this laptop couple of times before and had never set up a pass here,i supose gparted done it self.
Any idea if it did generated a standard pass or something?
adding that i can access Bios,but i cant boot from any of my bootable USB now :s
Please Help guys.


Re: HDD password after disk erase

GParted is NOT coded to set a password on HDD/SSDs.  It just does NOT have that functionality.