Topic: Loading from MS-DOS/FreeDOS, plus other suggestions

I've recently wanted to boot up an up to date GParted Live on an old i686 computer, in order to use partclone on its HDD's partitions. That computer's CD-ROM drive has always worked, but has always taken its sweet time to recognize some CD-Rs/CD-RWs, which can (and here, was) be larger than the BIOS timeout for CD-ROM boot.
Back in the day, I worked around that type of problems by using an old distro whose ISO image embedded a copy of loadlin, and starting Linux from the pure MS-DOS mode of Windows 95. Therefore, I've found myself wishing that GParted Live could be launched from MS-DOS/FreeDOS, but I found nothing of that sort on the image - syslinux isn't it smile
Nowadays, there might be a better tool than loadlin.

While at it, I have several suggestions for expanding the network capabilities of GParted Live with several network tools of relatively low footprint:
* stunnel
* sshfs
* socat ? I know that the live image already contains ncat.