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Topic: Live USB GParted boot fails (multiple, rotated monitors)

This thread has been created by moving posts from the thread:
because the solution of that one didn't apply to the current issue.

The referenced "post #4" of the original post was the following:

We finally solved the problem. After many tries failsafe mode started to communicate with us and reported the startup error -22 (no msi-x/msi found).

The solution was to tweak some settings in bios. I cant say the correct one because we switched a lot of things on/off multiple times.

If you find yourself in this situation make sure the secure boot is off, fastboot is off, clear boot keys, legacy support on. These are some of the settings that probably helped in booting the gparted correctly!

I have similar but a bit different problem that after selecting from the grub menu, all monitors lose input. And following the solution in #4, I tried several settings, and I think the trick is the Compatibility Support Module needs to be enabled.

But that setting creates another issue for me that my secondary monitor (which is rotated) is activated first, so all the BIOS as well as GRUB UI is on the rotated monitor, making it hard to operate. So I don't want to enable that forever. GParted Live booted from that also put the desktop icons on the rotated screen, making them hard to interact as well.

I would hope there to be a better solution without needing to tune that BIOS setting. My guess is that it's more an issue related to graphics driver.

FWIW, I have Asus X570-P as well, but with Ryzen 3900X and Nvidia GTX 1650. And I want to find a permanent solution because I'd like to use GParted Live as recovery mode of the machine (which works quite well when I experimented in QEMU) rather than in an external drive.


Re: Live USB GParted boot fails (multiple, rotated monitors)

After digging a bit more, I think the reason is probably simply because the kernel is not up-to-date enough. Its nouveau driver is based on something around Jan 2019, which has very limited, or probably even no support to Turing graphics cards (including OP's 2080 and my 1650). Maybe the better way is to upgrade the kernel embedded in the live CD.

Is there any plan for a new version of GParted live media with a more modern kernel and driver soon?


Re: Live USB GParted boot fails (multiple, rotated monitors)

Next Garted release 1,1,0 is planned for January 20, 2020.
The live cd images will be on line a few days later.

Gparted live o.s. is based on Debian Live. So, it will include what the latest Debian Live version will include then.

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***


Re: Live USB GParted boot fails (multiple, rotated monitors)

To update, I just tested the latest 1.1.0-1 build, and it seems the problem is still there. The nouveau driver isn't actually updated, and it's still something from Jan 2019.


Re: Live USB GParted boot fails (multiple, rotated monitors)

Because the solution given to the original post didn't help in this case, I create a new thread with the related posts. I hope this can help to better investigate the problem.

Furthermore, you could try other live media containing GParted, among them "System rescue CD" (bootable CD or USB), that is based in a different Linux distribution than GParted Live.

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***