Topic: Partitioning a USB for use with a Gotek

I've replaced the old 720K/1Meg floppy drive of an Atari ST with a Gotek, which theoretically should allow me to use USB  sticks with the ST, but have run into a problem regarding partitioning the stick.

I'm trying to use GParted to divide a USB stick into multiple 720K/1Meg partitions, but have run into difficultiies.

Could someone please advise




Re: Partitioning a USB for use with a Gotek

NOTE: I have never used a floppy drive emulator.  I just googled for "atari st floppy emulator" and found this video Preparing the Gotek Floppy Emulator for the Atari ST.

I guess the USB stick should be partitioned as it was when you purchased it.  1 partition spanning the whole drive and probably formatted with FAT32.  You didn't need to use GParted at all.

Then you copy .ST floppy drive images to the USB stick.  The drive emulator allows mapping floppy drive images to numbers and then virtually inserting floppies by selecting the image number.