Topic: Cant flash emunand to 2nd partion

can someone help me figure out why i cant flash to sd card my emmunand?


sudo dd if=/home/xxxxx/Desktop/backup/emmc.bin of=/dev/mmcblkp2 status=progress

3960239616 bytes (4.0 GB, 3.7 GiB) copied, 15 s, 264 MB/s

dd: writing to '/dev/mmcblkp2': No space left on device

8000721+0 records in

8000720+0 records out

4096368640 bytes (4.1 GB, 3.8 GiB) copied, 15.5001 s, 264 MB/s


Re: Cant flash emunand to 2nd partion

That log shows that you wrote ~ 4 GiB of data to partition 2 of your SD card, but that partition 2 wasn't big enough to write any more.