Topic: Resize partition

I'm unable to resize a partition on a 320GB HDD. It is formatted as EXT4 but GParted identifies it as zfs. It is an Ubuntu Server system drive (18.04) and I have 2 x 3TB data drives set up as a ZFS pool mounted as pool1 when the Ubuntu system is running, (which it obviously is not when I'm using GParted on a USB boot drive). Is this causing GParted to report the disk format incorrectly, and if so how can I get GParted to recognize it is indeed in EXT4 format?


Re: Resize partition

You might have old ZFS file system signatures on the drive.  See issue 14 - zfs partition wrongly shows occupying the whole disk for an example of how to identify the situation.  Note that the wipefs command can also be used to remove file system signatures.


Re: Resize partition

gedakc - sorry for taking so long to reply. It must have been a signatures issue, unfortunately as I'm not familiar with wipefs although I tried to backup the signatures and then remove individually I simply wiped the lot. Nothing was able to recover the hard drive after that - not even testdisk. So I've been reinstalling my system since then.

Thanks for the info though - if I investigate wipefs more if I have the problem again I'll be more careful!