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Topic: [SOLVED] Root directory size

Not physical disk partition size...
I have actually been doing quite a bit of experimenting with the GParted live disk (After putting it on a flash drive) - Adding appz, exc...

While I am not close to actually using all the space GParted live has on that disk (from the /live/filesystem.squashfs file of GParted live.) I am not sure what the actual partitioning program uses for stuff like moving, resizing, exc. of a physical disk partition - so what I am hoping to do is increase the size of that virtual disk (GParted live root) so it will have the same amount of free space as when I started.  ( At this point, I have several filesystem.squashfs files including the original un-touched one - just copy the one I want as /live/filesystem.squashfs on that USB)  Can anyone tell me what I need to change to do that?  (I think the oridginal gives me something like 7.8gb free - on one of the ones I added to - it's now 6.5gb free.)


Re: [SOLVED] Root directory size

O.K. - that space issue was while putting it together -- Apparently once all is installed - and everything copied and the filesystem.squashfs file created with all the changes, free space goes back to 7.8gb - even though more stuff is installed.
I did everything from within GParted live, then dumped the finished file system to real disk (well what was needed anyway - some stuff, like /etc, /proc, ex. you don't copy) , took out the install scripts (since they are installed at that point),  Re-Make the filesystem.squashfs file, and now the virtual drive is right back to the original amount of free space - just that file is WAY larger - but that's to be expected.


Re: [SOLVED] Root directory size

Thanks for reporting back with how you resolved this issue.  Editing the title to previx "SOLVED" will help others searching for answers to similar questions.